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Become an Associate

Being a Docmail Associate's easy. Just email us at Docmail Support:


and we'll convert your Docmail account to an Associate account. Then you start earning money from all the business you bring to Docmail!

The Docmail Associates Programme gives you the opportunity to benefit from introducing Docmail to new customers - and brings you an ongoing income from doing so!

By becoming a Docmail associate you can earn commission from every envelope that a customer introduced by you sends. That commission doesn't stop and automatically accrues to you each time your referral sends a letter. You will get an email detailing your commission every time a new order is mailed.

You can earn from 0.5p to 2p per envelope (£5 - £20 per 1000) depending on the value of business previously introduced by you - and it is money that keeps coming in!

We will provide you with online banners and links, posters, cards and the other collateral that you may need to help promote Docmail.

All you need to do is create your own Docmail account, read and agree to the Terms and Conditions, and then complete the form on the right to request that your Docmail account is converted to an Associate account.