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Previous API Versions:

Version 1 of the API (both the full and SimpleAPI versions) are still available and still supported, though no longer under active development. Information and resources of previous versions of the API is still available on the Webservice v1 Page.

Docmail API 2.0 Help Guide

Download the full Web Service Help Guide to learn how to integrate your application with Docmail.

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As ever, Docmail's secure API (Application Programming Interface) allows you to send A4 letters, Postcards, Greeting Cards and Business Cards (corporate only) from a click of a button within your own computer systems.

Docmail creates a Hybrid of electronic and physical mail by transmitting an electronic document and mailing list to us, where we print and mail it as real post!

The Docmail API allows you to add a Hybrid Mail service right into your own systems and workflows.


The API is a SOAP-based webservice allowing the creation, proofing and confirmation of orders for mailings, single letters, postcards and greeting cards. Documents (PDF, RTF or Word files) are submitted as files or selected by name from your account. Address lists may be selected by name, submitted as a file (CSV, XLS, XLSX, Tab delimited, fixed length fields etc.) or added as individual addresses using the AddAddress call.

A PDF proof approval is available, but is no longer a required step in the process.

Payment is made via Top-Up credit on the customer Account, or for large volume users, payment on invoice may be available (subject to status, volume and regularity of orders).

Examples in the API documentation are based around Microsoft Visual Basic .Net code and the Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 development environment. ▲Top...


Here you'll find sample codes and projects to get you started with Docmail's physical mail API.

Microsoft Visual Basic .Net

More Code Samples & Examples to help get you started in other languages and coding environments will follow.



Docmail provides a separate testing environment for use with the API. It provides the same API, and web functionality as the live system, with a website mirroring the live version. We do not produce any print or mail output from the test environment and any credit has no cash value. Credit in the test system can be topped up from the Account Admin section of the test website without charge.

The test environment uses separate databases, so your live login details don't apply. Likewise, your test login credentials are not available for use in the live environment.

Feel free to browse & access the test website and test with the API, remembering that to send any live mailings, you'll need to switch your credentials to your live account and the webservice URL over to the live address, shown below. ▲Top...


Webservice definitions for the API are available at these URL’s:




More accessible
  • New XML based control file option available to package mailing parameters into a file
  • Simple data types used wherever possible, simplifying access from a range of languages and environments
More power (via newly exposed features)
  • Access to document designer template to simplify card and postcard creation
  • Create additional user accounts via the API
  • Comprehensive data for order statuses available
  • Returned may be presented in either structured XML format, or as an array of strings using the ReturnFormat parameter
  • Asynchronous calls to send mailings can be set up to respond with an email, or to push an HTTP POST to the address of your choosing, removing the need for polling of statuses etc. and simplifying the process
More control
  • List and manage, select and upload stored templates, stationery and mailing lists on your Docmail account
  • View account balance/available credit
Faster, Simpler calls
  • Mailings can be placed in a single call to the API
  • Automated approval, for mailing that does not require proof approval the proofing step can be bypassed making the call quicker and more efficient
  • There are more calls available, each designed to be simple to use for it’s specialized task
  • Compressed data transfer available with packaged zip files to reduce data transfer and speed up the calls
  • As ever, the API transmissions are protected over an encrypted HTTPS (SSL) connection
  • We now have a secured option to create new users on an account via the API to aid automated setup for the tracking of orders from multiple systems or from your own clients
  • As a secure printing site, handling a range of financial, medical and other confidential documents, we set extremely high standards in both electronic and physical security. More information on our security arrangements can be found in our FAQ

Version 1 of the API is still available and still supported, though it is no longer under active development. For more details on the previous version please use the link in the sidebar. ▲Top...

(Send Letters, Postcards and Greeting Cards)

The Docmail API supports envelope size selection via the MinEnvelopeSize property, along with access to the Postcard and Greeting Card products via the DocumentType parameter (e.g. on the AddTemplateFile calls).

This means you can now send custom letters, postcards and greeting cards directly via our API!

PDF Document Streams (see Webservice Help Guide for more details) are still supported via the TemplateType parameter (e.g. on the AddTemplateFile calls).

Envelope Selection. Use parameter [MinEnvelopeSize]

  • C5 (C5 envelope, standard envelopes - A4 paper folded in half)
  • C4 (C4 envelope, envelope size for full [not folded] A4 paper)

Stream of Documents in PDF . Use parameter [TemplateType]

Mailing products available via the API. Use parameter [DocumentType]

  • A4Letter (A4 Letter Via API)
  • GreetingCardA5 (Greeting Card, Folded A4, address on reverse)
  • PostcardA5 (A5 Postcard, 2 sided, colour, address on left side)
  • PostcardA5Right (A5 Postcard, 2 sided, colour, address on right side)
  • PostcardA6 (A6 Postcard, 2 sided, colour, address on left side)
  • PostcardA6Right (A6 Postcard, 2 sided, colour, address on right side)



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